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Mexican Free Tail Bat


 Bat season is here, now is the time to get them all removed! Call us today!

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We remove Bats in Scottsdale, Cave Creek, Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe, Desert Hills and Flagstaff using exclusion devices, not Bat traps, or poison. We are not bat exterminators. We get the Bats out permanently without harming them because they are good for the environment and are also a protected animal in the state of Arizona! We Control and Remove Bats humanely! Call today for a FREE Wildlife inspection and price quote!

 Baby Bats are now flying, now is the time to get them removed! Call us today!!

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Arizona has its share of pests, including bats! They will get into the smallest cracks of a home, and poop and pee all over the wood and insulation in an attic. The screeching noises, and fluttering sounds are irritating, but the scratching sounds are truly frightening! Bats follow drafts and eventually when the colony grows they often into your living space during the summer months or when its above 40 degrees.

  • How Many Bats?

There are several species of bats in Arizona, however, the Mexican Free Tailed Bat is the most popular in homes, walls and attic spaces of Arizona. If it is a maternal colony, there could be hundreds of bats up there ! This is a good time to call our Bat Removal Professional!

  • Are Bats Dangerous?

Aside from the fact that Bats do carry rabies, and there droppings and urine cause a terrible ammonia odor, along with air borne illness, and mites, the Bats are rather harmless. There are no Vampire Bats on our continent, and our Bats eat bugs.

  • Bats Chewing Wires

 Bats have the ability to catch and chew bugs, thats about it, so your structural and electrical worries can rest easy!

  • Bat Traps

 We don’t use Bat traps. We use exclusion devices, netting, and sealants to Bat proof a home in Arizona. We only use humane Bat Removal methods!

  • Kills Bats

 Its easier to get Bats out alive than dead. If we kill Bats in Arizona, we are not just breaking the law, we are also causing a bigger problem than you started with. The dead smell from hundreds of rotting Bats will soon drive you out of your own home! Don’t kill Bats, they are good for the environment, just not in your home!

  • Bat Spray

 There is no known substance that can be sprayed and repel Bats like a mosquito. We get Bats out, and seal the building to Bat proof it with materials that will be there 50 years from now! We do Bat Removal seven days a week!

We remove bats in Scottsdale, Cave Creek, Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe, Desert Hills, Flagstaff using exclusion devices, not bat traps, or poison. We are not bat exterminators. We Control and humanely Remove Bat infestations.

Call for FREE inspection and estimate on cleanup!


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