The Wisconsin Cougar is usually found lurking along State Street in Madison, Wisconsin. But can be found in any area where there are young men around. Most times they have the smell of alcohol and ciggeretts on there breath, and are a nocturnal animal. Usually dressing in clothes that a woman 20 years younger would wear, they can be a dangerous animal! Although the initial perception can be not such a threat, DON’T BELIEVE IT! A Cougar will cut the weakest one from the pack. That means if you have had a few drinks, or are a really nieve sort of guy, you are being targeted by a Cougar!
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Now the Cougar is moving in on you, sort of sizing you up. She may buy you a shot or two just to make sure you over look the cracks in her make up, or the slur in her voice. Now that you sences are dulled, and your guard is down, she will do all she can to keep you that way.

By morning she will have transformed from the cute little booty call to a shriveled up hag, and you will want to chew your are off rather than wake her up. You will realize that YOU were the lamb. If it was a real bad encounter with a Wisconsin Cougar, you will see her dispay her teeth right there on the night stand next to you! Tell me that isn’t frightening.

Tips to avoid Wisconsin Cougars

Stay in groups

Cougars won’t aproach you while you are with your friends. She thinks one of them will see whats happening and slap some sence into you.

Go with a pretend girlfriend

This makes you a non target to a Wisconsin Cougar. Now you can watch safely up close in the Cougars natural habitat, usually a club or bar. She will probably be about your mothers age, and wear the same clothes as your younger sister.

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