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Bee Season is now here and  this is when the problems start all over San Hose, so don’t wait call now!

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Bees in San Hose have taken over the homes of several residents in the San Hose area. This is why Bee Removal has become a much needed service in San Hose.  Call 800-714-8727 And we will Remove the Bees and the Bee Hive and get your home back for you! A can of Bee spray wont make it go away for you. It will kill 20-30 Bees each time, and probably get you stung in the process! At the same time, there are a thousand baby Bees born each day in that same hive. This is why it is important to hire a Professional to Remove the Bees and their Hive. Our Beekeeper Mike will answer any questions you may have and give you a price quote over the phone. Mike has 10 years experience in Bee Removal and can handle any Bee problem you may have. We service ALL CITIES of San Hose and we are open seven days a week! We Remove Bee Hives from any kind of structure and we also Remove Bee Swarms that don’t have a Hive. Call us today for affordable Bee Removal in San Hose!.

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Weather is getting warmer and this is when the Bees start to come out, so don’t wait call now!

For Bee Removal in Los Angeles – Orange-  or San Diego, San Hose County Call 800-714-8727- San Hose have its share of  lush greenery blooming in the spring. Micro climates provide blooming flowers all year long in some locations. This provides a ready source of pollen for Honey Bees. As the nectar flows, the queen Bee lays as many as 1,200 eggs each day, which soon emerge as new Bees. The hive grows in numbers quickly and run out of room in the hive. The Bees are forced to split up and look for a new place to build another hive in San Hose.

When they split and search for a place of there own, it is referred to as a Bee Swarm. During this period, Bees are generally not aggressive. They have no honey or young to protect from predators. Soon they will be in a home of there own, in a wall, or a tree or fence. Bees collect pollen quickly to get ready for the winter. Soon there nature will change and they will protect there hive with a swarm of Bees and stingers. This is the time to call a Professional. Call us today and our Beekeeper Mike will take care of your bee issues in San Hose.


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We also provide removal of : Skunks, Raccoons, Cats, Coyotes, Bats, Rats, Snakes, Opossums, Birds and Gophers!

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