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  We get calls everyday from people all over Pasadena that are hearing scratching or running in their attic or walls.The most common animals that like to make a home in your walls or attic are Bats, Rats, Raccoons and Opossums.

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 Raccoon babies are now mobile and this is when the damage starts all over Pasadena, so don’t wait call now!

Raccoon In Attic

  Raccoons are now breeding and this is when the problems begin for the citizens of Pasadena. Once a female Raccoon has become pregnant, she will look for places to have her babies. Most common is the attic of a home, soffits or walls. Raccoons are nocturnal so they want a dark, dry area safe from predators, where they can have their babies and sleep during the day. Raccoons are strong and destructive animals. If you are hearing what sounds like a bigger animal in your attic or walls, you need to contact a Raccoon Removal Professional right away! Raccoons will make a mess of your attic damaging what ever is up there, not to mention poop and pee all over your insulation. Our Raccoon Removal Professional will remove the animals and we also provide clean up and disinfecting of your attic in Pasadena. Don’t wait, call us today before the damage and smell gets worse! Raccoon feces carries Round Worm which is a health hazard in the state of California! This is dangerous to humans and pets. Opossums will also break into your attic to have their babies. Their behavior is similar to a Raccoon.

Raccoon babies are mobile this time of year so don’t wait until the damage to your home becomes worse! Call us today!


Bats In Attic

  If you are hearing scratching but no running or thumping in your walls or attic, chances are you have a Bat Infestation. The most common species of Bats found living in homes in Pasadena are Little Brown and Mexican Free Tail Bats. Bats are colony animals and are also nocturnal. They like a warm, dry and dark place to sleep during the day. Bats are important to the environment because they eat thousands of bugs a night, so we don’t want to kill them. We use exclusion tubes which allows the Bats to leave at night but when they return they can’t get back in. Bat Guano (poop) is also a health hazard in the state of California. We also provide the clean up and disinfecting of your attic once we get the Bats out. Most insurance companies do cover the clean up of your attic in Pasadena. Call us today and talk to a Bat Removal Professional for prices and more details!

Rats In Attic

   If you are hearing running or chewing in your attic or walls in Pasadena, chances are it’s Roof Rats. This is a good time to call a Rat Removal Professional. Rats can chew your wiring, causing a fire. They will also poop and pee all over causing your home to stink. Rats will also chew their way into your living space to get at food thats available in your kitchen. Rats carry disease and populate quickly so you don’t want to wait. Call us today and talk to a Rat Removal Professional for prices and more details in Pasadena!

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