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     If you live in Paradise Valley and have a problem with Rats, we can help! Rat Removal has become a much needed service in many areas of Arizona including Paradise Valley.

Rat Trapping

      If you discover you have Rats in your attic or walls this is not un common in Paradise Valley. We get calls everyday from clients who are in need of Rat Removal. Our company uses humane traps to catch these Rodents and remove them from your home. We do not use poison to kill Rats. Poisoning Rats will just cause more problems for the home owner. Rats will eat the poision and end up dead inside your walls or attic. This causes more problems because now you have to hire someone to remove the dead Rat from inside the wall or attic. This will also cause a terrible odor in your home which is commonly called the dead smell. If you have a Rat problem in your home call us right away, don’t try to handle it yourself. Rats will chew up wires in your walls and attic which can and has caused fires. Roof Rats are most common in Arizona in places like Paradise Valley. The heat from the summer can speed up their breeding cycle. Two Rats will become ten in a matter of two months.

Attic Cleanup

   Once your Rat Problem has been resolved, this is a good time to have a our professional take a look in the attic. Rats leave behind their feces and urine which will cause a nasty odor in your home in Paradise Valley. Our company will remove the animal waste from your attic and disinfect and deodorize. If the insulation needs to be replaced we can do that also. Our company does Rat Removal and Attic Cleanouts seven days a week in Paradise Valley. We have offices in Paradise Valley, Scottsdale, Cave Creek and Ahwatukhee. Call us today!

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