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Raccoons and Skunks have started giving birth and this is when the damage starts, so don’t wait call now!


    • Bat Removal Yazoo City


    We carefully remove Bats in Yazoo City from attics by first finding the areas where the Bats have been getting in. We don’t want to Bat proof the home until we know we have all the Bats out. We also offer a free attic inspection with every Bat Removal and Bat proofing job we do in Yazoo City. We can then determine the



  • Bat Guano Removal in Yazoo City

Yes, we remove Guano from attic after we get Bats out. The little guys poop and pee all over everything, so the longer a colony of Bats is in the attic, the worse it will get. Guano doesn’t just smell bad, it can cause a mold to grow which can cause illness. check out  


  • Beaver Trapper Yazoo City

 I trap Beavers all over Yazoo City. I work hard to trap all the Beavers on each job, and I use some of the most effective and up to date techniques and equipment in the country. Trapping Beavers in Mississippi is hard work! The clay and quickly changing water levels make it so conventional methods of Beaver trapping won’t work. Yazoo city Beaver Trapping takes alot of time and energy, but the results are worth it!




  • Beaver Dam Removal Yazoo City

We remove the Beaver Dams, then we place PVC tubes inside the culvert to stop the Beavers from damming it up again.


  • Squirrel Removal Yazoo City

We remove Squirrels in Yazoo City carefully. If we don’t, the Squirrels will just get in again. Most times the Squirrels in attic in Yazoo City have no babies between October and April. We can use a one way door to get Squirrels out in Yazoo City. Then there is no need to trap Squirrels, saving you money.


  • Snake Removal Yazoo City

Yazoo City has lots of Snakes in houses! Looking to get out of the cold in winter, and get out of the heat in summer. Snakes under house is common, and its no big deal if they are not venomous Snakes.


  • Skunk Removal Yazoo City

Skunk Removal in Yazoo City has always been a problem. I can get Skunks out without them spraying. I can also remove Skunk smell from under your house. I have a permanent solution to Skunks under houses! It doesn’t always involve Skunk Trapping in Yazoo City.

We service lots of areas near Yazoo City Mississippi:

Yazoo City, Yazoo City, Canton, Byram, Crystal Springs, Forest, Meridean, Carthage, Philadelphia, Louisville, Vicksberg, Yazoo City, Cleveland, Greenville, Grenada, And Many More in between!

I trap Beavers in Yazoo City every day! I use lethal traps for Beavers, because nobody wants them released in there area to chew trees down and plug up culverts. I first trap the Beavers in Yazoo City, then I tear down the dams they have inside the culverts.

We trap and remove Bats, Raccoons, Skunks, Snakes, Birds, Beavers, and Squirrels and keep them from damaging your property in Yazoo City, MS! Safe – Fast – Guaranteed!

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