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In Chambers County Texas, we have lots of pest animals which cause damage to homes. Animal removal professionals in Chambers County Texas are more than trappers. Poison is usually the wrong way to go when dealing with pest animals. And each animal species needs to be worked with indevidually, as each has unique abilities and disabilities.
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Squirrels in Chambers County Texas cause pest issues by chewing holes in facia boards and nesting in attics and walls of homes all over Chambers County Texas. The squirrels cause gnawing sounds, and scratching noises in walls or attic areas of houses. They chew wires, and can cause fires if not removed. They generally climb trees near the home to use the branches and gain access to the roof. Trimming branches 8 feet away from the home generally cuts off access.

Flying squirrels in Chambers County Texas can also chew, gnaw, and cause fires, but they also are known as the only rodent in North America that uses a community latrine. This means they all poop and pee in the same area. It contaminates insulation with feces and urine which eventually will soak through the cieling and cause odor and staining. Flying Squirrels in Chambers County Texas also generally dont have to climb to get on your roof, they can glide from a near by tree and land on the roof, leaving no tracks, and baffeling pest control people if they have not been trained to see the signs. Flying squirrels in Chambers County Texas are a colony animal, meaning that they come with many friends.

Raccoons in Chambers County Texas are strong, destructive animals! They generally climb trees, or down spouts to get on the roof, then get inside the attic by opening soffet pannels or through vents. Often however, they dont nest inside the attic. It happens all over in Chambers County Texas that raccoons live in chimneys which have a dammaged chimney cap, or no chimney cap at all. In the spring the baby raccoons will keep people awake screaming and chattering while the mother is out raiding garbage cans, tearing up lawns, eating Koi fish, and eating dog and cat food left out for pets.

Skunks in Chambers County Texas cause quite a stink when they get under houses and trailers! Removing Skunk scent is patr of what we do after we trap or remove the skunk. There is no magic spray to scare skunks out after they make a nest under a Chambers County Texas home. Dogs instinctively chase skunks, so we cant blame the little guys for defending themselves the only way they know how. If your dog gets sprayed by a skunk in Chambers County Texas, mix a bottle of peroxcide with an ounce of Dawn Dish washing liquid, and scrub the dog using the mixture as a shampoo.

Mice can be poisoned in Chambers County Texas, but it may be a better idea to trap them in snap traps. A poisoned mouse dies where ever he stops living after eating the poison. The Chambers County Texas humidity will cause him to smell up your home, causing an animal removal agent to cut holes in walls in order to find it. It costs much less to use mouse traps and kill mice where they are. The openings will then be sealed to prevent future pest problems.

Armadillos in Chambers County Texas dig holes in lawns and under houses looking for food or shelter. Often times this requires an armadillo trapper who knows how to funnel the animals into a cage trap. Armadillos in Chambers County Texas generaly dont pose a health risk as much as they do cause damage to lawns and drive dogs crazy!

Bats in Chambers County Texas get into walls and attic spaces through small openings in soffits and ridge vents typically, but can enter anywhere the opening is 3/4 of an inch or more. Bats scratch and chatter in attic spaces and walls as they navigate seeking safety and the best tempratures. In Chambers County Texas a colony of bats usually numbers about 150 members, but some species have thousands of colony members! Bats in Chambers County Texas can cause major damage and health issues when they live in attic spaces in large numbers! I have taken thousands of pounds of guano out of a single attic during restoration efforts. The CDC website can tell you all about the health risks of bat guano. A bat in the house can be scooted out a window as soon as the bat smells the fresh Chambers County Texas air. Keep him flying by gently waving towels at him until he finds it.

Snakes in Chambers County Texas are both venomous, and non venomous, but if you have a fear of snakes the heart attack will kill you faster than the poison that some carry. Rattle snakes in Chambers County Texas arent the only ones posing a danger to people and pets! Cotton mouths, and Copperheads are common in the area, and all pose risks. They get under homes, and can find small openings to get inside walls.

Bird control is a big Chambers County Texas problem! Chimney Swifts, Pidgeons, and grackels will get inside attics and vents, and woodpeckers get inside walls. A trained wildlife removal agent can either trap, or scare off the birds using bird deterants and stopping them from flying in your building. Commercial bird work requires the use of spikes or netting. Birds in Chambers County Texas cause millions of dollars in damage to agriculture. And in a Chambers County Texas home, there can be hundreds of pounds of grass, droppings, and bird mites contaminating insulation!

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