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We are not a free service, but we do offer competitive rates on all trapping and wildlife removal work!

 Arkansas has plenty of competent hunters and trappers, but a wildlife professional is all that and more! The guys at the Wildlife Command Center can get you set up so it is like the animal invasion never happened! Not only can they trap the animal, but they also do the repairs on your home to keep critters out.

 Animals that climb in Arkansas can access your roof when tree branches get too close, and some climbers will use your down spout to climb, like raccoons! And those are some strong little guys. They can tear a hole in a roof if given the opportunity. The Wildlife Command Center in Arkansas can think ahead of the nuisance animals and cut them off before they get there.

 Sometimes the animals have been a nuisance to your Arkansas home longer than you realize. So the field operator will gladly have a look around the attic space to inspect for damage as well. If the insulation is soiled or trampled, he may recommend an attic clean out, or “restoration”. Restoration includes removal of soiled insulation, fecal material, and odor. Disinfected attic spaces are then re insulated in Arkansas to keep the home warm in the winters, and cool in the summer!

 Give the guys at the wildlife command center a call, and ask any wildlife questions you may have pertaining to your nuisance animal invasion. I’m sure they can answer any questions you can come up with!

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