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Skunk babies are now mobile, this is when the damage will start, so don’t wait call now!

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  Skunks digging up a lawn in Los Angeles

Skunks are starting to give birth and this is when the damage starts, so don’t wait call today!

Skunks are causing problems all over the county of Orange, CA. This is why Skunk Removal and Control has become a much needed service to the citizens of Huntington & Seal Beach. Skunks come to the city looking for food, water and a place to live. I’m about to tell you about Skunk behavior to help you better understand why this is happening to you. People in Huntington & Seal Beach can help with Skunk Removal by doing a few preventive things on their property.

Skunks will be attracted to your yard if there are food sources available. Keeping your trash can secured is a good start. Skunks will dig through garbage looking for scraps to eat. Keeping your pet food inside at night is also a good idea because they love to eat dog or cat food. Skunks also will dig up your yard looking for grubs to eat. This is something that you cannot control. If this is happening to you, it’s a good time to call a Skunk Removal service to have that stinky critter removed before all your grass is dead in Huntington and Seal Beach.

Skunks are great diggers! When food sources are good on your property, a Skunk will often decide to make a home under your house. Skunks will dig near the foundation of your home to get in. They also will break through the screens on your crawl space when they are not able to dig their way in. If you are smelling a skunk under your home or inside your home in Huntington & Seal Beach, this is a good time to call a Skunk Removal service before your home becomes to stinky to live in.

Breeding season is here and this will cause some stinky problems for the people of Huntington & Seal Beach. Skunks will spray to attract a mate under your home or in your yard. When the female becomes pregnant she will often choose to have her babies under a structure such as a home, porch, deck or even a garden shed. She wants to have her babies where it’s safe from predators, dark and dry. So if you live in Huntington or Seal Beach and are smelling a Skunk call us today for Skunk Removal before the situation gets out of hand! Our company also provides Skunk Odor Removal, if your house has become too stinky to stay in.

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