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 Raccoon on a roof in Los Angeles

Raccoons on My roof is a common call from people even in larger cities like Los Angeles, New York, Brooklyn, San Francisco and San Diego. To hire a professional to resolve this issue, feel free to call  800-714-8727  but if you want to resolve it yourself, read on and understand why you have Raccoons on your roof, then make the changes needed.

To a raccoon, your home is just another tree. Raccoons like to get up high and explore things. Tree branches within 8 feet of a house will let an animal onto the roof.

Raccoons will climb down spouts to get on a roof, but usually only if they have already made a hole and got in the attic. Chances are there are baby raccoons there. Beware the mother raccoon will be very protective and aggressive towards humans once the babies are born. We have seen several cases of this in Los Angeles in cities like Long beach and Hollywood. When you discover you have a raccoon on your roof this is a good time to call a professional raccoon trapper before that raccoon decides to break in. These animals are strong and can rip off your shingles to get in. We service all cities of Los Angeles and San Diego. Call us today!

Anytime Animal Control

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Raccoons like to feed near home, look for a bird feeder, or garbage laying out on the curb within a block of your house in every direction. They also like water, so bird baths, and koi ponds will attract them to your yard.

We have offices in Long Beach, Palos Verdes, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Anaheim, Torrance, Pacific Beach, Rancho Santa Fe and Carlsbad.

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