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Raccoons and Skunk babies are now mobile and this is when the damage starts, so don’t wait call today!

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   Hungry Raccoon in Sacramento

We are a private Wildlife Removal company, we DO NOT rescue injured animals. We are a paid service. If you are having a domestic animal issue please call your City Animal Control.


     Raccoon removal has become a much needed service in Sacramento County. Wild fires, floods, drought, and urban development cause raccoons to move to the city looking for food, water and a place to live. These masked animals may look cute but are very distructive and are not easily scared away by humans or pets. These animals can be very aggressive and carry diseases. Removal of raccoons should be handled by a raccoon removal professional.

Raccoon Control

     Controlling Raccoons takes some help from you the home owner. Raccoons are attracted to homes where people leave food and water sources left outside all night. If you are a pet owner and leave pet food and water outside, make sure you bring the food and water indoors at night. Raccoons love to eat pet food of any kind and they are not picky. Raccoons are also attracted to garbage cans left uncovered or lids that are not secured properly. Fruit trees, fish ponds and vegetable gardens are also a Raccoons delight in Sacramento county. If you are doing everything you can to prevent these animals from coming on to your property and are still in need of Raccoon Removal, our professionals can help.

Raccoon in attic or under house

     If you live in Sacramento County and discover you have Raccoons in your attic or under your house, this is not uncommon. In the early spring raccoons start breeding. Once the female has become pregnant she will set out to find 3 or 4 different spots to have her babies. The mother raccoon will choose places where her babies will be safe from predators and male Raccoons. They also like it to be warm, dry and dark. Attics and crawl spaces of homes fall into this category. This is a common problem in all cities of Sacramento county. If you are having this problem, you need to call a raccoon removal professional right away. Raccoons will do a lot of damage to a attic or crawl space, including the feces and urine these animals leave behind. Raccoons carry round worm in their feces which is very unhealthy to humans and pets. Our professionals will trap and relocate these animals. We use humane traps and relocate raccoon families together back into the wild where they can be a raccoon without bothering anybody.

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   We service the following cities in Sacramento county: Granite Bay, Fair Oaks, Carmichael, Pocket, New Castle, Auburn, Folsom, Rancho Nurietta, Greater Sacramento, Rockland and Eldorado county.

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