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   This is the time of year that we get calls about Raccoons playing on roofs. They are not just playing up there, this is part of the breeding season. Female Raccoons are often on the roof looking for a place to break in. Female Raccoons prefer to have their babies in a attic or under a house in Los Angeles. Raccoons like it dark, dry and a safe place to have their babies. What better place then your attic in Los Angeles?! Raccoons are very good climbers and will climb a tree or rain gutter to get on your roof and then into your attic. Once the Baby Raccoons are born the mother will become more protective and aggressive towards pets and humans in Los Angeles. If you are hearing noises or scratching in your attic there’s a very good chance you have a Raccoon and babies up there. Raccoons are having babies all over Los Angeles county this time of year. Our company has more than one method to get these animals out of your attic safely and humanely! Traps are not always the best method when dealing with a family of Raccoons. Call us today and our dispatcher Kim can put you in contact with a Raccoon Removal Professional and answer any questions you may have!

Female Raccoons are having babies in attics all over Los Angeles so don’t wait call now!

  Baby Raccoons in a attic

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