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Raccoon control problems are growing every year in Palos Verdes. Many people in Palos Verdes are lacking knowledge about raccoon control and behavior so i’m going to try to help you with that. Raccoons come to the city looking for better food sources and place to live and raise their babies. When the acts of mother nature affect their environment, raccoons are forced to go else where. Not much will scare a raccoon away including people and pets. Raccoon control can be helped by the citizens of Palos Verdes. In the beginning, raccoons come to your yard looking for food and water. Gardens, fruit trees, fish ponds and pet food left outside will bring them in like flies! Unsecured garbage will also start trouble. When the food supply is good in a area in Palos Verdes, raccoons will look for a place to make their home close by. Attics, under homes and hollowed out trees will make a great home for a raccoon. When you spot a raccoon on a roof in Palos Verdes, this is a good indication that he is looking for a easy place to break in. There’s a reason for them being up there, their not just playing. Raccoons are great climbers and will climb a tree or even a rain down spout to get up there. Once they are up there they will look for a easy spot to break into your attic. Raccoons are destructive and strong animals. They will rip off shingles or soffit panel to get in. Female raccoons like to have their babies in a safe, dark and dry place and your attic in Palos Verdes is one of her favorites. Once up there, she will make a mess of your insulation as well as a bathroom for herself and soon to come babies. Raccoon feces is toxic and carries round worm so you will need to act fast. Our company has been providing raccoon removal and control services for many years in Palos Verdes so there isn’t much we havn’t seen. Give us a call today for permanent Raccoon Control and Removal in Palos Verdes!

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