Mice can be a challenge to anyone who doesn’t do any form of pest control or exterminator services for a living. I’ll lay out the basics for you so you understand what it is we do to get rid of mice for free. If after reading you decide you want professional help getting rid of Mice, call me at 800-714-8727

We are not a free service, but we do offer competitive rates on all trapping and wildlife removal work!

You can get rid of Mice if you trap them faster than they breed. It doesn’t matter how you kill Mice. They will always come back and cause problems if you don’t take care of the primary and secondary reasons you have the Mice. So lets get into that first, and then talk about the Mice you have presently. Dealing with them will be easy, and they aren’t going anywhere.If you have issues with any of these other little guys, click a link and feel free to read up!


Mice won’t get close enough to your house if they are scared to make the trip.  The world is a big place to a little Mouse, and long grass makes it a nice what to get there because the hawks and owls and cats can’t see him. Hes under the grass and has made a safe little tunnel to get to your home. He will bring his friends too, causing a Mouse infestation if you don’t get it cut nice and short.

Mice won’t want to live in your house if  you keep it clean. That means no junk piled up in any rooms for them to hide, especially the basement. And keep your garbage in a garbage can with a lid. The smell of pop cans, beer cans and rotting garbage will draw all kinds of pests.

Mice get inside your house by way of a hole as small as a dime. You need to look all over the lower edges of your home and plug them with copper wool, use copper because it won’t rust. then caulk over it so it won’t fall out. Pay attention to the corners.

And be sure you move any wood piles or boats away from the house. It gives the mice somewhere to hide while they work on getting inside. Take away the Mouse’s comfort zone and he won’t be there.

Now we can go about the job of getting rid of Mice. The ones you have inside will breed fast, so in an average house, get about 30 snap traps of your choice. They are all the same to me, and should be baited with peanut butter or jelly. No kidding they like it too! Set the traps against the walls in all rooms with mice, set behind water heaters, and washers. They like the warmth. Check these traps daily for a week, you should have got them all by then.

On the outside perimeter of the property you can put boxes with holes in them and put DECON Mouse poison inside for any new comers. Don’t use mouse poison inside the home, you don’t want dead Mice inside walls at all. They will stink badly.

I hope this helps you get rid of Mice in your house, and feel free to call me toll free at 800-714-8727  or click the link below for help.

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