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Coyotes are some of the biggest opportunists in Los Angeles. Who could blame them? There is plenty of water where in their native habitat, there is very little. In the desert they will not find a bottomless dog dish full of food every night. In their native habitat they will not find bags of garbage lining the streets on a Friday night with plenty of tasty morsels inside. This is what makes Coyotes want to live in Los Angeles.

 Coyote tearing up garbage


 Coyote pups are now mobile, this is when the serious problems will begin! Call us today!

All of these things have created a dangerous situation in the city of Los Angeles. Not only are Coyotes animals of opportunity, but they are fiercely territorial. A coyote can jump a six-foot fence, or dig under an 8 foot fence. They’re smart animals I have to give them that. But it is my job as a coyote trapper in Los Angeles to protect my own species. This is why it’s important to call a Coyote Trapper for removal before people and pets are hurt. I don’t hate Coyotes, but I don’t like what they do to people’s pets mainly. My own dog was killed and eaten by Coyotes in 2005 on my front porch. I used to feel bad for people when they told me their pet was taken, but now I know exactly how they feel!

Female Coyotes will go into heat in January and the breeding season will start and keep going until the beginning of March in Los Angeles. Female Coyotes will give birth within 60 days to 6 pups or more. The hungry pregnant females will scavange for something to eat. In the city of Los Angeles they will rip up garbage looking for scraps or hunt for small animals to eat. Yes this includes your pets and they will even chase small children! This is why it’s important to call a Coyote Removal Professional if you have seen a Coyote on your property in Los Angeles. Our Coyote Trapper will get the situation under control and trap and remove these dangerous animals.


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