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Bees living in my hot tub: Its a comon call in the winter, but still happens in the summer time.

Honey Bees will always find the most suitable area for there nest. They are so much more than just Bees, and there colony is really quite a remarkable thing when we get down to it. Read on and I’ll share with you what I know about Honey Bees.

A pest to some people, who inflict painfull sting and lots of annoying buzzing, the Bees in your hot tub lining are a community with a pecking order, who have feeling and protect there families with there lives!

Lots of people are under the impression that Bees are there protecting the Queen Bee, but a swarm of Bees with a queen and no honey, and no young will not sting. A swarm of Bees moving from one place to another will look like a football in a tree, on a car, on the ground, and consists of about 3000 members. They form up pretty much where ever they fall out of the sky. And in some of the strangest  places.

Once they find the right place for the hive, they start building wax and storing honey. Soon the Queen Bee will start laying 1000 eggs per day! The colony will grow quickly.

There are Worker Bees which collect nectar, and are all females. They live about 3 weeks

Drones are the males in charge of keeping the hive taken care of, which live about 6 months.

And the queen who does nothing but breed and lay more eggs. She lives about 3 years.

Temp. Control is taken care of by the Worker Bees. If it gets too hot inside, the Bees line up and fan the heat out of the closure to make it cooler. If it is alowed to get too hot inside, the larve will die, and the wax that holds everything together will fall apart and melt.

Bees also create there own heat. They can survive all winter in a frozen zone of North America. They can live off of there food stores of honey until the flowers bloom in the spring, and the cycle starts all over again. If the members of the hive become too many for the crampt little hot tub, they will split into two colonies. And the whole thing starts over again!

Can’t Bees be smoked out? No, the use of smoke helps a Bee Keeper keep Bees calm. When the Bees feel that there colony is threataned, they give off an alarm scent. That scent will get all the other Bees into attack mode. The smoke helps discuise that scent, so the alarm is never given, and the attack never happens.

When the Bees are calm, the Bee Keeper will carefully remove the wax containing honey. This is discarded, as we never know what has been sprayed on the hive, which would contaminate the honey. Then the inner leaves of the wax are removed carefully. These are darker, and will contain what the Bees want to protect. The larve and young, will all go into a wooden box, seperated by wax sleaves to keep them in position. Then the box is covered and left for two days, and removed at night while all the Bees are all in there new home. Relocated to the new owner of a Bee hive, on a farm, or an anxious Bee Keeper.

I hope this artical was helpfull to you, and good luck with your Bees in a hot tub.

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