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  If you live in the Maricopa area and are hearing scratching noises in your attic, you could have a Bat infestation. If you have experienced Bats flying around from time to time in your living space, chances are they are living in your attic. Bats are a colony animal which means there’s always more than one. There are three types of Bats in Arizona that will live in attics of homes in Maricopa. Little Brown Bats, Mexican Free Tail and Big Brown Bats. Little Brown Bat colonies are larger than Big Brown colonies. Baby Bats are now flying so now is the time to call us and get them removed!!



  Little Brown Bat                              Big Brown Bat

 Bat season is now here, now is the time to get them out of your home! Call us today!

  Bats carry rabies and their Guano (poop) can cause health problems if left your attic in Maricopa. Our Bat Removal Professional uses exclusion tubes to get the Bats out which is a humane and does not harm the Bats. Bats are scary but are good for the environment because each Bat will eat hundreds of Mosquitoes and other bugs per night in Maricopa. Bats are protected animal in Arizona so we cannot kill them. Once we get the Bats out of your home then we can go ahead with the cleaning and disinfecting of your attic in Maricopa. Our Bat Removal Professionals will remove all the insulation that has been affected and then clean and re-insulate making your attic smell brand new! Most home owners insurance companies will cover the cleanup of your attic because the Guano is a health hazard.

 If you are having Bat issues call us today and talk to a Bat Removal Professional in Maricopa!


Mexican Free Tail Bat

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