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Raccoons Digging Up Lawn

If you live in Hollywood, California and are noticing that something is digging holes in your grass, this is not uncommon. Raccoons are guilty of this act all over Hollywood and all cities of Los Angeles. Raccoons will dig holes looking for grubs and insects that they like to eat. The mother Raccoon will teach her babies how to get food by digging for insects! When there is no garden or fruit tree to raid they will look for other food sources. When this is happening to your yard you need to call a Professional Raccoon Trapper right away before the problem gets out of hand. Raccoons are aggressive animals that are stubborn and not easily scared away. If the food source is available these animals will keep coming back for more, doing more damage.Call us and we can help get rid of your Raccoons with affordable prices!

Getting Rid of Raccoons

There is no easy way to get rid of Raccoons. There is things you can do to prevent them from wanting to come onto your property in Hollywood. Keeping your garbage in a secure container is a good start. Raccoons will tear up a garbage bag like nothing. Make sure you have no food sources available such as pet food. Raccoons love to eat cat or dog food. Raccoons are night animals so bring your pet food in at night, often times this will get rid of your Raccoon problem in Hollywood. If you have a fish pond on your property in Hollywood you will have problems getting rid of Raccoons. Raccoons love to eat fish and are excellent fishermen. If you don’t want to get rid of your pond then you will need to hire a Raccoon Trapper to get rid of the Raccoons!.

Raccoons Living Under House or in Attic

If you live in Hollywood and discover that you have a Raccoon living under or in the attic of your home this is not uncommon. If there is food sources available and conditions are right these animals won’t hesitate to move in. Late winter and early spring these animals will look for a place to have their babies. The mother Raccoon prefers to have them in a dry dark place safe from predators. If one place becomes dangerous, she will move them to another spot that is usually only a few blocks away. What better place then under your house or in the attic of your home in Hollywood?! The mother Raccoon will become very aggressive when she has babies to protect. If this is happening to you, call a Raccoon Removal Professional right away to get rid of Raccoons! Baby Raccoons are now mobile and are causing damage to your property, so don’t wait call now!

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