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Bat Infestations in Nashville attic spaces are more obvious now with exterminators and Bat Pest Control personnel becoming educated in all aspects of Bat Removal, Bat Guano, and Bat Damage which ruins insulation in the attic of your home. Bat Traps are rarely needed to get Bats out as exclusion devices comply with state and federal law in Nashville and most other cities and states across the United States. With these devices, a trained and experienced Bat Removal Professional can locate the entry points of a Bat and get the Bats out without harm to the animal.


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 Bat Removal is a definate science. It is meticulous work, and every detail needs to be noted. Are they a male Bat colony or female Bat colony? Only a Wildlife inspection will tell. The method we will use to get Bats out is also optional, until we know exactly what we are looking at. Sometimes we need to wait until the baby Bats have grown up enough to get out of the attic. We don’t want dead baby Bats becoming more of a problem than you already had. The inspector will determine a safe target date for the Bat Removal. The next step is to determine the damage that was done by the Bats. Mostly in the form of urine, and droppings (Guano) the insulation must all be removed. The attic space must be disinfected and deoderized, then re-insulated.

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