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In Stoughton, WI. We have a few animals that make a scratching noise in the attic. Grey Squirrels are notorious for this, and will keep people who live there awake with there. Big Brown Bats will sound like Mice in attics and walls even in the winter time. Both are irritating, and keep us awake at night scratching and running from one side to another.

A Raccoon will produce a scratching sound in attics in Stoughton, Wisconsin also, but it will be accompanied by growling, barling, thumping sounds, as the baby Raccoons bump and thump around in my attic.

A Wildlife Professional in Stoughton can investigate the scratching sounds in the attic, and come up with a corrective action to make the scratching sounds stop. A Wildlife Professional in Stoughton will determine the species of animal in the attic causing the scratching sound, and then find its way in. By either catching the animal, or allowing the animal out, but not back in, and then animal proofing the home with a guarantee!

I’ve had clients in Stoughton with scratching sounds in attics, who, upon inspection, had no animal at all. It turned out that the scratching sounds were tree branches on the roof blowing back and fourth. I fixed those scratching sounds with a pole saw, and probably saved them from needing a new roof.

Raccoons and Skunks have started giving birth and this is when the damage starts, so don’t wait call now!

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