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So, you have Mice in your house and you want to know how to get rid of them. I am going to go over a few pointers as to what  may have brought the Mice to your home and how to correct it. Then we will talk about the next step in ridding your home of Mice. It makes no sence to kill Mice, if more Mice are going to come and replace them. You will be killing Mice in your house for ever.

Mice like safety, and junky rooms provide alot of areas where they feel safe

A Mouse’s world is very small, and being so low on the food chain, the Mouse is always nervous. Everything wants to kill Mice, to eat them. That would bother me if I were a Mouse.

Like I said, a Mouse’s world is small, he won’t go anywhere he doesn’t need to. Water, food, and shelter are things a Mouse needs to live, but cover is what he needs to live comfortably. Cover is what keeps him from being seen by predators. So if Mice live in your house, the basics are provided by you, and that must be changed. I will refer to this as habitat modification. We take away the things the Mouse wants, and the things the Mouse needs.

It didn’t start inside your home, it started on the outside.  If a Mouse didn’t want to get near your home, it wouldn’t have known how to get in, RIGHT?  So lets start with the junk, wood pile , boat, what ever is close to your house. Now what ever it is, move it at least 15 feet away from the house, and leave it there. What that stuff is doing is giving a Mouse cover (an area he feels safe) and then he can think about how to get inside. Don’t give him that chance and you can stop killing Mice, because you wont have any!

Long grass will allow Mice a safe way to get to your house, and that’s where it starts. Cut the grass short, and keep Mice away!

A yard with long grass, is also cover for Mice. The Mouse can stay close to the ground , so the shorter the grass is, the less comfortable the Mouse is, and he will go elsewhere looking for a home. (Because it’s scary getting to your house).

Now we can go about talking about killing Mice. In the snow covered regions of North America, the Mice that you have may multiply while the snow is on the ground, but you won’t get any new Mice until fall, when the new Mice are looking for a warm place to winter up. By then, you should have the habitat modification completed, and seal the holes that let them in the last time. Walah! No more Mouse problems.

Cats are just one of the Mouse’s enemies that kills Mice.

Mice have lots of natural predators that want to kill them. Cats are just one of many! Having a good Mouser around the house will surely kill all the Mice in short order. Other house hold animals that will kill Mice are Ferrets, and believe it or not, Parrots.

Owls kill Mice, they will kill several Mice outside the home every night creating a natural defence for your home against mice.

Barn Owls kill Mice for a living! And its easy to get barnies to work in your area! Just give them a place 15-20 feet off the ground to sit, like a dead branch of a tree, or a telephone pole, or make an Owl perch from a 4×4 and a board on top. Build it and the Owls will come!

Mouse traps inside the home are the old method for killing Mice, but they are effective!

When using an old style Mouse trap, make sure you use lots of them. A 15×15 foot room should get 6-8 Mouse traps. You have to kill Mice faster than they can multiply.

An electric Mouse trap kills Mice with electric shock.

If placed in the correct area of the home, this one Mouse trap can kill all Mice for that room. Look for Mouse poop and place the trap there.

Mouse poision is available in hardware stores, and kills Mice really well!

Mouse poision kills Mice real well, just be ready for the Mouse to die inside your walls, and give off that dead animal smell for a while after you kill the Mice. Its best you kill Mice using poision 20-30 feet away from your home, so you cut the population back in the fall before they get to your home. I prefer traps inside the home, that way you know where the Mouse carcas is.

Mouse Bait:  Using natural Mouse food is like bringing a ham sandwich to a picnic. Give that Mouse something special, a reason to choose you bait over something else if you want to kill Mice. Peanut butter, jelly, are good Mouse baits and will kill Mice all day long!

Mouse Trap Placement: Place the Mouse trap where the Mice are traveling. If you get the trap within 2 feet of a Mouses travels, you will kill him. Remember, the Mouse wants to feel safe. And behind things is where he will be. Along walls, behind water heaters, washers, dryers, etc.

I hope this artical will help you kill Mice.

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