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Raccoons and Skunks have started giving birth and this is when the damage starts, so don’t wait call now!

   We can answer all of your questions about getting bats out of your home in the St. Louis area. Bats in walls or attic are common in all areas of Missouri. Our Animal Control Agents will resolve your bat issues Quickly – Safely – and Guaranteed!

Bats can not be removed from walls or attics if they have baby Bats! The baby Bats will be left behind to starve and die. Thats why our Animal Control Professionals will do a wildlife assessment and pick a safe target date to remove the animals safely.

A Bat Exterminator in St Louis won’t hurt your Bats. The word Bat Exterminator doesn’t really mean we kill Bats, If we kill Bats in your home, or even seal the home with them inside, we would be causing more trouble than you had origionally. The smell of dead Bats is terrible, and a colony regularely numbers in the hundreds!

Bats can be dangerous if they do have rabies. Also Bat poop(Guano) and urine in the attic can be bad for your lungs and heart. Some people experiance vision problems from airborne spores. Bats do not go after people, and they don’t drink blood like Vampire Bats. They will defend themselves, but they do not attack people. Bats eat insects, and can’t chew wood or even styrofoam.

Bats in walls or attic sound noisey on hot days. Sometimes they get under siding and chirp or squeek. There is always the scratching noise as they pull themselves along with there claws.

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